Yacht electronics and equipment is sold by many ........

we too sell a wide range of equipment, 
but only from renowned and reliable firms.

Is that enough for you ?
Do you install all your new equipment yourself ?

We want to ensure that you can enjoy and make the most of your holiday time on board in Mallorca.
The installation and maintenance of modern electronics and high performance equipment on yachts nowadays is no longer a simple job for your "jack-of-all-trades", but requires qualified and experienced technicians.

Our team is a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can install and maintain your yacht's technical equipment. We know that we are not the cheapest technicians around, and we don't seek to be ! However, we provide rapid solutions to any problems and stock a very wide range of spare parts and equipment, thus ensuring your trouble-free holiday.

We also offer an all-round care and maintenance service for your yacht, 
including the most modern electronic "Yacht-Watch" service.

If you are in hurry, or get bad weather we offer you to bring your yacht at any point you want. You control the journey from home via short message system, because of our modern GUARDLINE Yacht-watch system.

In the winter we offer complet refits. We refit not only the complete electric and electronic, install sat-TV systems, we also install complet  smell-free vacuum toilets, repair windless, we make also your ideas fly. For example we install a elevator to the flybridge, including the complete inox and electrical engeneering work.  If you need a crane including support, the hydraulic work, and a wireless command system, a central steering including telemetri or many other thinks more, ask us.


The company is not activ. For this we does not collect datas.

Holger Kohmstadt, Yachttechnik sl.

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